Tied with a vehicle, dog dragged to painful death in Tripura : Dental Surgeon files FIR, demands stern action

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Agartala, Mar 14, 2023, ENEWSTIME Desk

A disturbing and barbaric incident occurred on the Sabroom-Agartala NH in Tripura, where a helpless dog was tied to a Max vehicle (No TR-03 3731) by its right rear leg and dragged along the road at high speed. 


An Agartala baded reputed Dental Surgeon Dr Ranabir Roy, after viewing the video that went viral in social media, lodged an FIR against the offending driver at West Police Station in Agartala today evening. 


The incident took place near Pilak in South Tripura District on the National Highway on Monday (Mar 13).


An animal lover, Vishal Singh noticed this on his way from Agartala to Sabroom. Shocked at the barbaric incident, he increased the speed of his vehicle to overtake the Max vehicle while recording the barbaric incident on his mobile phone. 


Finally he succeeded to overtake and stop the Max vehicle. He questioned the driver for his action. But Max driver callously replied that it was his wish and drove away. The dog met an agonizingly painful death.


Meantime, someone posted video footage on social media. In the footage, the dog was seen tossing up and twisting on potholes as Max vehicle was running at a high speed.


The netizens strongly reacted and an uproar demanding exemplary punishment for the Max driver was raised. 


Demand for punitive action against the Max driver gained further momentum as it was revealed that the dog was not a stray but pet dog.


Alongwith Dr Roy, several eminent persons of Agartala and other places also demanded action against the driver for his cruelty.


An organisation of animal lovers Four Paws of Sabroom also condemned the cruel incident and reportedly, it will an FIR with Sabroom Police station on Wednesday (Mar 15).


Common people also vented anger and hoping that administration will come up with stringent action against the driver and justice for the dog.