Time to infuse young blood in CPIM leadership, says ex-CM of Tripura

Agartala, Oct 17, 2020, ENEWSTIME Desk

Present CPIM leadership of Tripura seems to realize that time is changing fast and fresh blood needs to be injected in Party leadership to remain relevant in the politics. Seasoned but old leaders can guide – however, with rapidly changing social conditions and emerging challenges, an energetic and dynamic leadership is the utmost necessity.     

Former Chief Minister of Tripura, Manik Sarkar emphasized needs to nurture and bring youths in the leadership.

Speaking at the party’s centenary foundation day programme at Agartala Town hall on Saturday, Sarkar said, “The party has to evaluate the activities of the local level leaders. The leaders who are performing the best in discharging the responsibilities entrusted upon by the party should be brought into limelight. A section of the party's leadership is now old and they can never lead the party despite their indomitable spirit due to natural reasons”.

“If someone thinks that I have to retain my post till my last breath, he must introspect, and from the party’s perspective also this is not desirable”, Sarkar told the gathering.

Sarkar who had discussed the party's historical backdrop and ups and downs that it faced in its hundred years of political life also suggested the party workers that the movement must go on till socialism is established.

“Many people ask me, hundred years have passed, when socialism will be established or as to when the party will reach its desired goals. The fact is, it depends on each and every worker of the party. If the party worker, based in the remote area of the state is doing his job efficiently and making public contacts without faltering a day, the party will surely blossom to its fullest and if that party workers avoid discharging his responsibilities, another hundred year period may pass in craving”, said Manik.

Sarkar also took a dig at the ruling BJP and observed that only an intensified effort from the party could resist these divisive powers. “Every situation is a new situation. The party has faced a lot of ups and downs. The UPA regime has been a separate phase, party’s rise has been a separate phase and now the phase of hatred led by BJP and RSS is a phase to reckon with. Only the party’s united efforts can bring them down and the party has already begun to work in that direction”.

The prime attention of the party, he said, now is to set up a Left democratic platform. People who are not directly associated with the Left parties but have similar socialist approach must be brought in the party and communist party Marxist is taking a lead role in it. Already, the party has initiated its work with a new slogan and now it needs to “go to the masses” through party “comrades”, he added.