TIPRA-BJP scuffle left several injured, security tightened

Agartala, May 11, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Tension ran high at West Kunjaban ADC Village Under Kalyanpur sub-division on Tuesday after political clashes between ADC ruling TIPRA motha and state ruling BJP party rocked the normal functioning of the government office. Local sources said, workers of both the parties got indulged in violent clashes followed by a heated argument over who would hold control over the office.

“Since the TTAADC elections are over, supporters of TIPRA motha have resorted to no holds barred tactics to gain control over all the government offices. The incident could be seen as an outburst of the power tussle between the BJP and TIPRA”, said a source.

According to eyewitnesses, a large group of BJP supporters went to the ADC village office on Tuesday in order to inspect the ongoing projects and activities under the village. But, soon after local TIPRA motha supporters came to know about the matter they gathered in front of the village committee office in their desperate bid to push back the BJP supporters.

Subsequently, a heated argument broke out between the supporters of both the parties that later took a turn of fisticuffs and violent pitched battle. A section of the BJP supporters succeeded to enter the office complex overpowering TIPRA motha but they were later dragged outside forcefully as more TIPRA workers mobilized hearing the news.

According to police sources, more than five persons were left injured belonging to both the groups apart from that, some furniture, equipment and other documents were destroyed due to the incident.

 Meanwhile, huge numbers of TSR and police personnel were deployed in the region to avert any untoward incident. It is also worthy to be mentioned here that, last week local people locked the Panchayat office up demanding release of the MGNREGA wages as immediately as possible which prompted the BJP workers to visit the Panchayat to understand the real scenario and reason behind the widespread resentment among the locals.