Tripura by polls: Cong demands re-polls in 3 booths of 6-Agartala Assembly Seats

Agartala, Jun 23, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Tripura Pradesh Congress alleged ruling party brought people from outside and prevented voters from going to polling centres. In view of such a situation, Tripura Pradesh Congress demanded re-polls in three booths of 6-Agartala Assembly Polls.  


Tripura-Cong-demands-repoll-by-pollsAddressing a press meet in Agartala, TPCC chief Birjit Sinha alleged, Congress agents were evicted from polling booths at booth number 12, booth number 13 and booth number 55 of the Agartala assembly constituency. And one voter was forcibly taken away and was thrown into the water. So Congress will demand the Chief Officer of the State Election Commission to conduct re-polling in the three booths. Sudip Roy Barman of Congress is locked in multi-corner battle at the 6-Agartala Assembly by-polls – Dr Ashok Sinha of BJP is his main contestant.


Sinha also alleged the ruling BJP activists obstructed the voters in two assembly constituencies, 6-Agartala and 8-Town Bordowali Assembly seats in Agartala city. 


At Sakhicharan School under 8-Bordowali Assembly constituency, some voters, residents of Pratapgarh, went to cast their votes but were prevented. Similarly, voters were also prevented from casting votes in Jubaraj Nagar Assembly constituency. But the voters resisted and managed to go to the poll booths to exercise their democratic rights, Birjit Sinha alleged.


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Sinha also said, Asish Saha is yet to get a detailed report on polls in Bordowali seat. However, if any irregularities are found in the Bordowali assembly constituency, re-polls will be demanded. 


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Despite the intimidation and bid to prevent the voters from casting votes by the ruling party, Congress is optimistic that Party candidates will win, Birjit Sinha said and saluted the spirit of the people.