Tripura CM's plea on Environment Day: : Embrace alternatives, Beat plastic pollution and plant trees

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Agartala , Jun 05, 2023, ENEWSTIME Desk

In a fervent plea, Chief Minister of Tripura Prof. Dr. Manik Saha urged citizens of the State to take immediate action to protect the environment by refraining from using plastic. 

His appeal came up during the 'Tree Plantation and Safai Abhiyan' event held in Maharaj Ganja Bazar in Agartala, today on June 6, as part of the World Environment Day celebrations.

Emphasizing the criticality of environmental preservation, the Chief Minister underscored the looming threats to our existence if we neglect our surroundings. 

This year's World Environment Day theme, 'Beat Plastic Pollution,' sought to raise awareness about the pernicious impact of plastic consumption. 

Plastic, being non-degradable, poses a significant hazard by obstructing drains and exacerbating the occurrence of devastating floods.

Expressing his concerns, the Chief Minister urged all people of Tripura to shun plastic usage. 

He pointed out that the state does not have plastic manufacturing facilities and it relies instead on imports. 

Environment-Day-Tripura-CMHe said, the government took proactive measures in 2022 to address the issue by introducing cloth bags and biodegradable alternatives, encouraging people to embrace these substitutes and completely eradicate the problem of plastic waste. 

The Chief Minister emphasized the importance of a collective effort to abstain from using plastics.

Moreover, Dr Saha stressed the significance of tree plantation in mitigating pollution and maintaining ecological equilibrium. 

He called upon citizens to actively participate in tree-planting initiatives while discouraging the felling of trees. 

"Plantation of trees is also our duty, and if we plant trees, it helps in reducing pollution and maintaining the ecological balance. I want to urge everyone to plant trees as much as possible, Dr Saha emphasized.

Assuring continued government commitment to tree plantation, the Chief Minister highlighted the ongoing efforts and strict measures to protect trees, warning that any acts of tree destruction would not be tolerated. 

Given that two-thirds of Tripura is covered by forests, the state enjoys a relatively favorable environment with lower pollution levels compared to other regions. 

Forest officials have been instructed to adopt a balanced approach to tree management, ensuring sustainability and conservation, Dr Saha asserted.

Today's event witnessed the presence of prominent dignitaries, including Mayor of Agartala Municipal Corporation, Dipak Majumder, Deputy Mayor Manika Das Datta, and other officials. 

In their speeches dignitaries said, "It is through collective efforts and unwavering commitment that the harmful consequences of plastic pollution can be mitigated, securing a sustainable environment for generations to come."

Abandon plastic usage and actively engage in tree plantation endeavors - was the call of today's event.