Tripura CPIM youth wings hold rally demanding jobs, protesting fuel price rise

Agartala, Feb 27, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

The youth wings of CPIM in Tripura – DYFI and TYF – organized a rally followed by a public meeting in Agartala on Saturday. Supporters of DYFI and TYF (indigenous arm of DYFI) held the rally in support of 10-point demand. They also condemned the unabated increase in petrol-diesel and cooking gas prices.


Supporters of DYFI and TYF marched through city streets in numbers raising slogans against Central and State Governments. In the backdrop of clear sunny sky, white and green flags of DYFI and TYF respectively grabbed the attention of city dwellers. Men and women walked through the city roads carrying placards, singing songs, holding festoons and sloganeering against present ruling government.


CPIM-Youth-TripuraEven as Leftists are considered as a waning force in Tripura and even as there are very few who believe that Leftists would make come back in the State, the Youth rally demonstrated the support that the leftists still enjoy, opined Political analysts.


It also needs to be mentioned here that as the rally ended, many of the youth left and public meeting witnessed comparatively modest attendance.


The supporters demanded works and jobs for unemployed youth as well as protested against fuel price hike. Youth leaders urged people to raise voice against continuous increase in petrol, diesel and cooking gas prices. They also demanded filling up the vacant posts lying with different departments.


Among other demands, DYFI-TYF supporters voiced for introducing allowance for unemployed youth, hiking REGA wages, restoring democracy in the State, empowering district councils with additional powers, ensuring permanent solution to 10323 terminated teachers etc.


Youth from different parts of the State gathered and started the rally – and sheer size of the rally drew attention of common people. Curious onlookers gathered along both sides of the roads through which the rally passed.


Opposition leader and CPIM Politburo leader Manik Sarkar and several other youth leaders also walked along with the supporters.