Tripura Govt hikes fare in public transport

Agartala, Apr 26, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

The state government has approved a hike in all kinds of fare in public transport. The fares have been increased by 20 to 25 percent on an average for different kinds of vehicles.

Transport minister Pranajit Singha Roy said this at a press conference in the Civil Secretariat on Monday. Along with the increase in fare, he said, the Transport department has also decided to implement some new plans in the Public Transport System to ensure more convenience to the passengers. According to the minister, the state government is keen to make public transport service available in early morning and late hours.

He said the state government had last increased the passengers’ fare in July 2018. Taking all aspects into consideration, like hike in fuel price and other important components like wages, insurance and tyre, the new revision of fare has been approved.

He narrated, “the petrol and CNG prices have increased by 30 percent while the diesel price has also hiked by 32 percent as compared to 2018. At such a situation, there had been a demand from the owners of vehicles for increasing the fares. Considering the facts, the state government has approved the hike in the fare.”

Some of the new steps planned by the Transport department included Express Bus Service (one-stop destination) and small bus service in hill areas.

The Transport minister said, “in Hill areas, the cost of operation is more. New bus service will be introduced in Kanchanpur- Bhangmun and Jatanbari- Mandirghat routes with special fares. For mini bus service, the fare will be Rs. 1.20 per passenger km while the rate is Rs. 1.45 per passenger km for small bus in the hill areas.”

“Many of the passengers prefer to reach their destinations fast and without any stoppage. With this view, Express Bus service with limited/ no stoppage will be introduced—15 percent more fare permitted for this service,” he said.

As per the latest decision, the passenger fare for ordinary bus has been increased from 58 paise to 73 paise (25 percent hike) per passenger km. In case of mini bus service, the fare has been increased from 72 paise to 90 paise per passenger km. However, the Transport minister said, there is no increase in AC bus fare—Rs. 1.22 per passenger km.

A press release said, “20 percent higher fare permitted for vehicles plying after 8 pm and before 6 am outside Agartala. For City bus and meter auto at Agartala, 25 percent higher fare permitted for vehicles plying after 9 pm and before 5 am.”

The release said, “the rate for contract auto is increased from Rs. 7.2 to Rs. 8.66 (20 percent increase). Night fare for contract auto is Rs. 10.4 (8 pm to 6 am, 20 percent more). The contract auto will have to ply point to point and not at stage carriage.

The rates for meter auto fixed at Rs. 10/ km considering idle mileage. Further, minimum distance is 2 km and Rs. 20 per additional km is Rs. 10 but it will increase at the rate of Rs. 1 for every 100 metre. The waiting charge of Rs. 5 for every 5 minutes for meter auto will be charged. For meter auto in Agartala, night fare is 25 percent more than the meter rate from 9 pm to 5 pm.

According to the Transport minister, the revised auto rates are the lowest in the country.

He said, “At present, autos cover through permits, a total of 130 km. About 50 percent of Agartala city is covered. With meter auto, auto coverage can go up to 100-- all the 275 km of road network. Now, autos will be available at door step.”