Tripura Govt takes firm stance on employee attendance and punctuality

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Agartala , May 25, 2023, IANS

The Tripura government issued a stern warning to its employees, stating that failure to maintain punctuality in attending office will result in strict action being taken against the erring staff. 

The government's General Administration Department Secretary, Abhishek Singh, released a notification on Thursday.

The notification addressed the prevalent issue of employees across various departments, offices, and public sector undertakings failing to observe punctuality and regular attendance as expected by the government.

In an effort to rectify the situation, all employees have been directed to adhere to punctuality and maintain regular attendance henceforth.

The notification explicitly mentioned the importance of employees arriving at their offices on time to ensure that the public can avail their services promptly from 10 a.m. sharp on all working days.

Tripura-government-office-employeesFurthermore, the notification made it clear that employees should not leave the office premises during working hours (10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) without sufficient and unavoidable reasons, and that such absences must be duly communicated to their respective controlling authorities under any circumstances.

The notification was released in the wake of reports of unauthorised absences in several government offices.

In one such instance, the Animal Resources Development Department Minister found an employee absent without necessary information and permission during a surprise visit. 

Besides, reports of early departure from different offices are also nothing new. 

In the backdrop of such a situation, the Tripura government issued the notification to enforce the regulations strictly so that work culture in the State improves, experts opined.   

The notification urged all departmental heads to ensure strict compliance with the instructions and actively monitor the punctuality and regular attendance of their subordinates.

It also mentioned, in case of any failure to comply, the department will take necessary action against the concerned employee. 

"The government's initiative to address this issue reflects its commitment to instilling discipline and accountability among its employees", said a retired State government employee.

The notice serves as a reminder to all employees of their professional responsibilities and the significance of adhering to punctuality standards.

By maintaining regular attendance and punctuality, employees not only fulfill their obligations but also contribute to a positive work environment that promotes productivity and effective service delivery.

According to several in-service State government employees, the move to prioritize punctuality and take strict action against non-compliant employees is expected to improve overall work culture and efficiency in government offices, ultimately benefiting the citizens of the state. 

"For successful implementation of this initiative, a constant monitoring is needed", experts opined. (Edited).