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Tripura Guv visits AGMC & GBP Hospital, calls for more supportive ambience

In a bid to assess the healthcare facilities available in the state, Governor Indrasena Reddy Nallu embarked on a visit to Agartala Government Medical College and GBP Hospital on Thursday morning.

Upon his arrival, he was warmly welcomed by a delegation of healthcare officials, including the Secretary of the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Sandeep and Rathore, Principal of AGMC, Anup Saha, Director of the Health Department, Supriya Mallik, Chief Medical Officer of GB Hospital, and Dr. Sanjeev Debvarma, Medical Superintendent of GB Hospital.

According to a Government press release, Governor Nallu embarked on a meticulous inspection of each department at GBP Hospital on Thursday and meticulously examined the facilities and services offered.

During his visit, Governor Nallu emphasized the importance of making GBP Hospital's facilities readily accessible to all. He acknowledged the hospital's reputation for providing exceptional care, noting that even private hospitals refer patients to GBP Hospital for specialized treatment. He expressed his conviction that by improving minor issues in the Hospital, the government can significantly improve the overall health outcomes for the people of Tripura.

Governor Reddy Nallu also underscored the need to create a welcoming and supportive environment within the hospital, dispelling any apprehension or fear among patients. He urged healthcare providers to adopt a service-oriented approach, prioritizing patient well-being and ensuring their comfort throughout their treatment journey. He expressed confidence that by addressing minor issues and enhancing patient satisfaction, government hospitals can further elevate their reputation and attract more patients.

Following his inspection of GBP Hospital, the Governor engaged in a meeting with the Principal of AGMC, College Staff, Chief Medical Officer of GB Hospital, and Medical Superintendent of GB Hospital. During the meeting, the Principal of AGMC provided a detailed overview of the college's facilities, MBB and PG course seats, and other academic initiatives. Governor Nallu commended the college's commitment to academic excellence and lauded its contributions to the state's healthcare sector.

Governor Nallu emphasized the importance of treating patients with empathy and compassion. He asserted that by providing patient-centric care and prioritizing their needs, government hospitals can effectively compete with private institutions and attract more patients. He expressed confidence that the collective efforts of healthcare professionals can significantly improve the healthcare landscape in Tripura.

Later, Governor Nallu was felicitated by the doctors and staff of AGMC and GB Hospital.  

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