Tripura: Mother living on pavement takes on childcare personnel

Agartala, Dec 04, 2020, ENEWSTIME Desk

Chaos hit IGM Chowmuhani on Friday morning after a street dweller woman refused to get herself and her children surrendered to the collective approach of District Administration, TCPCR, Women Commission and Childline Agartala, who are in a child rescue operation.

The woman, on the other hand, hurling abuses on the team tried to escape the spot failing, which she attacked a number of persons including TCPCR chairperson Nilima Ghosh and some other women activists associated with the child rescue operation. The woman turned violent and brandished a brickbat to prevent the police and TSR personnel. She was later overpowered by the women police team rushed from the East Agartala police station and then was shifted to a protection home.

However, sources said, street dwelling in Agartala city has emerged as serious problems before the civil administration now. A good number of people could be found sleeping on the roadside pavements and extended verandah of the shops after closure. And, a big chunk of such dwellers prefer to stay in IGM Chowmuhani, for its favorable atmosphere and constant overnight security patrolling owing to the proximity with the hospital.

To deal with the steadily growing numbers of street dwellers, the administration tried to put forth efforts every now and then but the scene did not see any effective outcome. Sources in the police said, “if some child or a woman is shifted from here to the designated home, they flee from there otherwise they ask for leave to see off their kins and never come back”.

Speaking on the sidelines of this visit, TCPCR (Tripura Commission for Protection of Child Rights) chairperson Barnali Goswami said, “since last 3 years, we have been trying to take her to a home. Every time she refuses. She may not have a future but the kind of upbringing a child requires can not be delivered to him in the streets. A possibility can not be just left out at the mercy of the God”.

The woman had also injured a number of members of the team after she attacked them physically. The Police had shifted both the children and the mother to a protection home where the woman would be allowed to stay with her children. The government would bear the expenses of kids’ studies and all.