Tripura News : A tale of two expectant mothers

Agartala, Jul 21, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk


Jaga Devi Jamatia (27) and Vidyaham Rupini (37) were two expectant mothers of Hadrai village under Teliamura in Tripura. Both delivered two healthy baby girls on the same day but at different times – however, while joy is abound in the house of Jaga Devi, pall of gloom descended in the family of Vidyaham Rupini as in a tragic twist of events, Vidyaham died after delivering the baby.


Jaga Devi Jamatia delivered in ‘102’ ambulance while Vidyaham Rupini had to take help of a village midwife in her home.


A male nurse and driver of a 102 Ambulance successfully helped Jaga Devi to deliver on the way to GB Hospital on Wednesday.


Jaga Devi Jamatia (27) of Hadupa under Hadrai in Teliamura got admitted to Teliamura sub-divisional Hospital with acute labour pain today. Doctors after conducting diagnostic tests referred her to GB Hospital. However, on the way to GB Hospital, she started squirming in pain after the 102 Ambulance in which she was traveling reached Baramura area.


Accompanying male nurse, Mahendra Debbarma with the help of the driver Deepak Modak successfully helped Jaga Devi to deliver a baby girl. According to the latest report, both the mother and her newborn baby girl are doing fine under the care of doctors at GB Hospital.  Family of Jamatia is obviously happy and in a celebration mood.


But ….


Earlier on the day, another expectant mother, Vidyaham Rupini, died after delivering a baby at home in Hadrai ADC village on Wednesday morning.


Family members of the deceased woman alleged, poor road condition prevented them taking Vidyaham to hospital. So, she had to deliver at her home with the help of a midwife.


Vidyaham Rupini of Dhan Chakma Rupini Para under Hadrai in Teliamura was suffering from labour pain since Tuesday night.


Speaking to the media Vidyaham Rupini’s husband, Sudhir Rupini said,  “As she started writhing in labour pain, we made desperate attempts to hire a vehicle to take her to hospital.”


“However, no vehicle was available due to bad condition of the road – the only road connecting the village with other areas was broken at places and was in precarious condition”, Sudhir Rupini alleged.


As Vidyaham’s health condition was deteriorating and family members were unable to arrange transport, the local midwife was called up to assist in delivery. In the intervening night of Tuesday and Wednesday, Vidyaham delivered a baby girl – however, on early Wednesday morning, Vidyaham collapsed without getting any medical treatment.


“The newborn baby girl is doing well. Vidyaham could have been saved if we could take her to Hospital. She died without any medical treatment because of the precarious condition of our village road”, Sudhir Rupini alleged.


Death of Vidyaham cast gloom in the area – and, villagers raised fingers at the apathy of ADC administration in initiating road repair works.