Tripura News: AMC decision on waste dumping site irks people

Agartala, Jul 24, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

The decision of Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) to set up a secondary segregation center and waste dumping center at Chandrapur in Agartala triggered serious resentment among the people. 


Local people and traders of Chandrapur area in Agartala vented anger at the decision of AMC to set up a secondary segregation center in the area.


In a letter to the Commissioner of AMC, locals pointed out the proposed area for segregation/dumping of wastage materials are close to residential complexes, nursery schools, local shops, temple, ISBT, petrol pump and other business establishments.


“If the said secondary segregation center is established in the locality, there will be a massive public agitation/protest as the hazardous materials will affect the public health system and mostly the children, elders, senior citizens will suffer various health issues due to speeding of dangerous elements in the air, which will be produced from the wastage segregation center", locals mentioned in the letter.


Moreover, local traders said, if the proposed secondary segregation center is being set up at Chandrapur which is in front of Rajarshi Motors Company, the entire locality will no longer be viable for any business activity.


According to the local people, Agartala Municipal Corporation gave the work to some contractors for the construction of secondary segregation center and accordingly works started on June 13 last.


Criticizing the AMC authority, local people said, the selection of location for secondary segregation center at the gateway of Agartala city will cast a bad impression among the people who will enter the city from other states as the foul smell would greet them.  Besides, public health will face a serious challenge if the proposed Center comes up.


In view of the present situation, local people urged the concerned authority to stop and shift the secondary segregation center/wastage dumping center from Chandrapur along the Assam Agartala Road to elsewhere for the sake of local residents, shops, livelihood,  and a pollution-free environment. Locals also mentioned there would be huge agitation if the authority does not shift the proposed center from the existing place.