Tripura News: Citizen is to choose right person in politics, says CM

Agartala, Sep 11, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

The duty of every aware citizen is to choose the right person in politics. It is everyone’s duty to use their valuable right to vote for the right person to steer the society towards the right direction, stated Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb in his speech in a teachers’ day programme organised by Agartala Government Medical College Student Association.

The Chief Minister and other guests felicitated merit students of different years studying in AGMC. Different sections were also felicitated yesterday for their special contribution to the Covid situation providing health services and different other services.

Chief Minister said, success is when all hurdles are won with efficiency. The ultimate factor for success is to put effort into work.

Chief Minister calling Prime Minister as an ideal teacher of the country said, Prime Minister has set an example in solving every problem with his farsightedness and determination. We all have to learn from this. Development has been brought in health services, infrastructure and other services in the state. Chief Minister acknowledged himself taking services from GBP or other government hospitals.

Chief Minister in the programme further said, we also have to be vigilant if the right person is handling the state.

Even if not connected directly with politics, everyone must take part in using their valuable voting right to select right person who can guide the society towards right direction.

A healthy society is formed only when citizens are politically aware. Ideal citizens play supportive role in paving the way to ideal society management.
He said, the state government is planning to start a new system to provide online doctor counselling services from villages to all over the state, where interested doctors from the state and outside the state may spare 30 minutes from their daily schedule and involve themselves in social welfare.

As a result, it will be possible to take online counselling from experienced personalities and specialist doctors. It will prove to be beneficial for all levels of people in the state. Chief Minister hoped that more doctors and doctor’s organisations will be associating themselves with the initiative.


"Covid management, vaccination: Tripura sets example"


Chief Minister in his speech said, amidst the Covid situation Tripura has set an example of success with efficiency starting from providing services in Covid situation to vaccination

drive. The health workers contributed hugely to vaccinating people living in remote areas, even crossing neck level water in the fight against Covid-19. Development in health services and infrastructure has been brought in the state due to proper management. Starting from the construction of the oxygen plants, infrastructures have been developed in various ways. It has not only lessened the number of people going outside the state for treatment, but complicated surgeries are now possible in the state. Success is achievable only if one fights with the challenge instead of running away from it. We gain more experience in critical conditions.

Effort and tenacity are the ultimate factors for gaining success. The health workers through their efficiency not only tackled Covid but also gave a befitting reply to those who were spreading wrong information. All challenges can be overcome by a positive mentality. 156 doctors were recruited in just 39 days through TPSC. The transparent recruitment process is continued in other departments. Starting from empowering women, the central government has taken several initiatives for the welfare of people at different levels in society. The country has been freed from communal politics.


JK Sinha, Principal Secretary, Health, in the programme said, like the artists shape mud into idols of Gods and Goddess, similarly, teachers play a supportive role in moulding medical students into God-like doctors. Others present in the programme were MLA Arun Chandra Bhowmik, Director of Medical Education Dr. Chinmoy Biswas, Health Director Dr. Subhasish Debbarma, Director of Family Welfare & Preventive Medicines Dr. Radha Debbarma, GBP and AGMC professor Dr. Kamal Krishna Kundu, GBP and AGMC MS Sanjib Kumar Debbarma..