Tripura News: Dedicated health workers keeping killer Malaria at bay in Dhalai

Agartala, Jun 15, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

*Manik Debnath

Tripura is grappling with Covid crisis. Along with handling the Covid patients, Health Department has effectively deployed its human resources to tackle another menace – Malaria.

Every year, prevalence of Malaria poses serious challenge before the Health department. One of the 8 districts in Tripura – Dhalai district – is malaria prone district.  However under careful monitoring of NHM, several health teams sprang out across the district and were conducting intensive screening through blood tests. As a result, there is no report of death due to Malaria, so far.

As extensive tests for Malaria are continuing, prevalence of malaria was found among some pockets under the district. Due to timely medical intervention, Malaria in Dhalai has not become fatal as of now.

District Health department sources said, a month long programme to conduct blood tests in areas under nine health centres of the district started from June 1 and will continue till June 30. During the month long exercise, target has been set to test blood of 47084 persons.

Meanwhile, blood tests have been conducted among 29031 persons till Tuesday (June 15) which is 61.66 of the targeted tests. Out of these samples, Malaria was found in 215 blood samples. All of them have been brought under the ambit of medical treatment facilities.

Nine Health centres of the District where screening exercise is going on are Ambassa, Ganganagar, Jagabandhu Para, Dalapati, Manu, Dhumachhara, Masli, Manikpur and PMS Primary Health Centre.

Among the areas under the nine Health centres, four PHCs reported zero prevalence of Malaria – these are Jagabandhu Para, Dalapati, Dhumachhara and Masli. 

However, area under PMS PHC is the worst affected with 112 samples found positive for Malaria. Ganganagar is in 2nd position with 51 malaria cases followed by Ambassa where number of positive sample for Malaria stands at 29. Besides, Manu and Manikpur have recorded 10 and 13 cases respectively.

In terms of blood testing, Manu completed cent percent testing till June 15 – however, areas under Ganganagar PHC recorded least number of testing – only 15.76 per cent residents were tested.

In case of Ganganagar, low screening is due to non-availability of villagers. The health teams are visiting the village only few persons were found. It appears that residents leave their homes for Jhum cultivation before the health workers reach them. Health workers are trying to address this issue to conduct screening more people of the village for Malaria.

Dedicated services of health workers, co-operation of villagers and timely medical help have ensured that no one die from Malaria. At least till June 15, there is not a single death from Malaria – a big success indeed.

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