Tripura News: Durga Puja euphoria soaring high in Kalyanpur

Agartala, Oct 10, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Gopal Bhattacharjee

With the glistering white Kaash bon swinging under the autumn sky, nature announced the arrival of festive season and with the maddening sound of dhak and dhol beatings, euphoria among the people of Kalyanpur sub-division under Khowai district is overwhelming. All are keenly waiting to welcome Maa Durga and her divine family.   


For the last few days, an aura of festivities with hues of togetherness and joy gripped the people of Kalyanpur. Dazzling idols, decorated pandals, choking crowds in markets and the ecstasy cannot escape attention.


Like the Kanchanpur and adjoining areas, rural areas including in the remote indigenous dominated hamlets of the sub-division are dressing up to welcome the ‘Maa Durga’. Community Puja organizers, in spite of budget constraints, are trying to create an attractive ambience of eccentric unison of art and culture, tradition and modernity.


According to an administrative report, there are 75 pujas under Kamlyanpur block area. Let us have a quick look at some of the notable clubs of Kalyanpur block area.


Baghajatin Club: This club located on the outskirts of Kalyanpur and adjacent to the Khowai-Teliamura road has always been organizing attractive puja. Every year, this club comes up with interesting programmes or themes. This year, the club slashed the budget to Rs 2.5 lakh. In previous years, this club conducted several social activities as part of the Puja celebration – this year also it will conduct such activities.


Ekatra Sangha: Every year, this club grabs the attention of puja revellers. Prasad distribution on the Navami Tithi is one of the attractions besides other activities.


Indian National Youth Club: This club has erected a 40-foot high pandal – the club members volunteered to construct the pandal. The pandal has been constructed like an imaginary temple. While other clubs reduced their budgets, this club slightly increased the budget. Like every year, this club also conducts cultural events.


Santipriya Sangha: This is one of the clubs which is located in the village area, South Durgapur  – but the glory and glamour of this puja is in no way less than any big budget puja. During the puja, the club members will conduct Swachch Bharat Abhiyan.


Besides, Netaji club, Gopal Social organization, Owtilong para at South Ghilatali, pujas at indigenous hamlets at North Maharani, traditional puja at Kamalnagar, Totabari Deshbandhu club etc will also be in focus.  


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