Tripura News: IMA Tripura focuses on testing, uninterrupted O2 availability

Agartala, May 15, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Even as the Covid scare is looming large, IMA Tripura Branch Covid19 Task Force has made some important observations to more effective ways to combat the deadly virus. It has accorded importance on ‘Monitoring’ and ‘testing’ to this end. It has also suggested the Tripura Government to ensure uninterrupted oxygen in Covid treament centres.

Monitoring the temperature of asymptomatic and mild symptomatic Covid positive persons, counting of respiratory rate in one minute simply by putting a hand on the abdomen, holding breath for 30 seconds and if possible, oxygen saturation by pulse oximeter are crucial in handling such patients. Members of IMA Tripura State Branch (IMA TSB) Covid-19 Task Force said this after holding an emergency meeting in Agartala on Saturday in view of the recent spike in Covid cases.

With Covid tally mounting in the State alarmingly, IMA TSB Task Force held an emergency meeting to discuss several critical issues pertaining to risk communication, Vaccination etc.

Chairman of the Task Force, Dr SubrataBaidya presided over the meeting and was conducted by Nodal Officer of the task Force Dr Basab Ghosh. Office bearers of IMA TSB and other members took part in the meeting.

In the meeting, the members suggested the Government to have a massive reserve of oxygen and ensure Oxygen in all the dedicated Covid health centres and hospitals to tackle pick of the crisis situation in the coming days. Moreover, the Task Force members also suggested Government to ensure reserved bed facilities in all the dedicated Covid Health centre and hospitals for doctors and their family members. 

They also urged the State Government to provide monitoring kits to home quarantine persons, provide trained paramedical staff and staff nurses in sufficient numbers in all the Dedicated Covid Health centres and Hospitals.   

They also urged people to refrain from self-medication and even over-the-counter medicines by medical shops. Urging people to complete vaccination, the Task Force members said, with vaccination severity of the disease will be very less, however, the chance of getting the infection is still alive.

Members also advised people to go for vaccination after taking food, not on empty stomach.

In the meeting, members strongly pitched for testing in case a person shows any symptoms like fever, cough etc. If the result of the testing is positive, the concerned person will have to follow covid protocol and will be either in home or institutional quarantines.

Importantly, even if the test result is negative, the person should stay home, preferably in a separate room, for 7-10 days. The members advised such persons to test again.