Tripura News: Mid Day Meal workers raise voice for pay hike

Agartala, Jul 19, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

The Mid Day Meal (MDM) workers held protest programme in Agartala on Monday demanding pay hike and other issues. In the programme, leaders of MDM accused BJP-led State Government of depriving the MDM workers. They also alleged the Government is reluctant to ensure welfare of MDM workers.   

As part of the nationwide protest called by the Mid Day Meal Workers' Federation of India, the women workers of the Mid Day Meal (MDM) workers of Tripura today held a protest programme in Agartala against the BJP government's ‘negligent’ role towards the welfare of the MDM workers.

They raised a voice in support of seven points of demands including hiking the salary with a minimum wage of Rs. 500 per day, vaccination of all MDM workers on a priority basis and other demands.

Leaders of MDM workers said, "Like that of Kerala government, the BJP government in Tripura should hike the salary of MDM workers from monthly Rs. 1500 to Rs. 500 per day.

"As we all know that the MDM workers belong to economically weak section of the society. In that case, the government should take a positive step in hiking our salary especially in the wake of the COVID pandemic," the leaders said.

Criticized the State Government, the leaders alleged that the BJP government in Tripura had snatched the livelihood of the MDM workers. "Since after assuming the power, the BJP government has sacked at least 400 MDM – is this not an act of snatching livelihood of poor MDM workers?," leaders added.

Besides, the agitating MDM workers also demanded for provision of 10 kg of food grains per month free of cost for the mid-day meal workers, to stop privatization of Mid-day Meal Scheme etc.