Tripura News: On duty constable losses his rifle after falling 'asleep'

Agartala, Jul 27, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

An on-duty constable has lost his rifle allegedly after he fell asleep on Monday night.


Later, waking up from a nap, the constable noticed his rifle was missing.  Intriguing it may sound, after the lost rifle was not found and the report spread, local people initiated Bati Chalan (magic bowl dispatch) – a traditional rural method to find out lost things.


Even as locals conducted the Bati Chalan, expectedly nothing happened and the lost rifle remained untraced.  Loss of the rifle, Bati Chalan – all these happened at an outpost under Ampi Nagar in Tripura.


A constable, identified as Subriel Uchui of Chechua outpost under Ampi Nagar PS in Gomati district lost his SLR rifle when he was on duty on Monday night.


As per the report, Subriel Uchui was on duty last night in Chechua passenger's shed adjacent to the outpost. In the middle of the night, with roads deserted and surroundings became calm and quiet, Subriel Uchui started dozing and subsequently, he fell asleep at the passenger's shed.  


Later, when he woke up from his little nap, Subriel found his SLR was missing. He searched here and there but could not find out his service SLR.


He rushed to the outpost and spoke in detail regarding the SLR missing issue to the concerned PS authority.


Immediately, the PS personnel started searching and investigating the incident. High-ups of the Police administration were also informed.


There was no report of any action or any arrest till the report filling. Also, there is no trace of the missing SLR as per the latest report.


As Police personnel were worried about the lost rifle, a group of locals, banking on rural faith, conducted a Bati Chalan without any success.