Tripura News: On the path of Atmanirbhar Tripura, Mohanbhog entrepreneurs meet CM with products

Agartala, Jun 14, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

The call for Atmanirbhar – achieving self reliance – is gaining momentum in Tripura and the State Government committed to make Tripura an Atmanirbhar State, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb said this in Agartala on Monday after meeting some of the Self Help Group members and a mango grower of Mohanbhog area under Sepahijala district.

Notably, enterprising people of Mohanbhog have already earned accolade for their hard works in achieving self-reliance. Products of couple of SHG were displayed at National level in Saras Fair last year. Jaggary from the sap of palm tree, pineapple juice etc were star attraction in last year’s Saras Mela. This year also three SHGs from Mohanbhog –Kajal, Deendayal and Jeevandeep SHGs – are actively trying to harness their earning capacity by expanding product range.

Members of these SHGs met the Chief Minister at his Office in Secretariat on Monday with some of their products. A mango grower of the Mohanbhog area, Siddik Miah presented samples of Miyazaki, known as Surya Dim to the Chief Minister.

After meeting the vibrant entrepreneurs of Mohanbhog, the Chief Minister wrote in his social media handler, “Kajal and Jeevandeep SHGs have prepared squash and jam from Wood Apple and Deendayal SHG has produced pineapple squash and jam. These SHGS have prepared the food items in collaboration with Mohanpur Block, Panchayat Samiti and TRLM in a completely organic manner. They got training from the Food Processing Department. I have advised them that the quality of the product should always be maintained and only then will people be confident about the product.     

In this connection, Deb recalled the role of the Prime Minister in driving the country on the path of self reliance and said, each these SHGs received Rs 40,000 under the Prime Minister Formalisation of Micro Food Processing Enterprises (FMFPE) Scheme. He also wrote, the SHG members also told me that they were making a profit Rs 22 per bottle of Jam and Squash at wholesale price.

Deb also mentioned about Babu Lal Nandi of the same block who scripted success bee keeping and selling honey.

Talking about MiyaZaki, Deb wrote, “Siddique Miansaheb came with his Surya Dim mango. The price of this variety of mango per kilo is Rs 800-1000. He brought the saplings from outside and cultivated those in Mohanbhog area. He said that he would start commercial production from next year. I advised him, to increase the number of trees.”


Deb reiterated the State Government is working to become Atmanirbhar and the people are getting motivated. Inspired by one, many people are working to do something new using their innovation and creative mind, he commented.