Tripura News: REGA workers to get interest for delay in wage payment

Agartala, Jun 08, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

As the payment of REGA wages is getting delayed in many cases, the State Government has taken a major decision to solve the problem relating to delay in payment of REGA wages.


The council of ministers has decided that the REGA workers would now be given an interest at the rate of 0.05 percent in case of delay in payment of their wages after 15 days of Master Roll Closure.


Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb announced the cabinet decision on his social media handle on Tuesday.


Deb shared that the Cabinet had decided to provide wages of REGA workers in time and necessary instructions were already passed to the officials concerned to clear the REGA wages at the weekend.


“If the payment gets delayed at the weekend for any reason, it has to be cleared within 15 days from the Master Roll Closure. But, if the payment is not made within this period then the REGA workers will get interest at the rate of 0.05 percent on their wages from the day 16. The government will recover the interest amount from the staff or official responsible for the delay in payment,” the Chief Minister wrote.


Deb’s post also mentioned that the state government had also decided to computerize work measurement, master roll and list of wages. The District Programme Coordinators or Programme Officers were assigned for the task.


Earlier, the REGA workers were sometimes seen staging protests in demand of release of their wages. As per the new cabinet decision, the problem was expected to be solved.