Tripura News : Three NLFT (PD) extremist surrendered

Agartala, Sep 15, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Shunning the Jungle life, Three NLFT (PD) extremists surrendered in Wednesday in Tripura. They fled away from a NLFT (PD) camp in Bangladesh and surrendered before the special branch on Wednesday. 


The three surrendered militants are Alindra Reang (25), Anida Reang (35) and Draw Kumar Reang (30).  All of them hail from Anandabazar in North Tripura district. During surrender, they deposited one .22 pistol and four live ammunition to police.


During preliminary interrogation, police came to know that the NLFT extremists had fled away from their Jupui camp under Bagaichari police station in Rangamati district of Bangladesh.


A press release mentioned, all the three surrendered extremists joined NLFT (PD) organization in Bangladesh in the year 2019 in Bangladesh based NLFT camp along with other extremists. During the field experience, these three extremists realized that they were cheated in the name of ‘Independence of Tripura’.


During their isolated life away from home, they suffered physical and emotional miseries. They also realised the harsh realities of jungle life without food and social life. 


At present, the NLFT (PD) is facing serious financial/organizational crisis. Besides, systematic and organized effort generated by Tripura Police motivated them to join the mainstream of the society.