Tripura News: Villagers besiege PS, demand release of 6 accused in lynching case

Agartala, Jul 19, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

An angry mob besieged Mungiyakami Police station in Tripura on Monday and demanded release of arrested six persons who were arrested by Police in connection with a lynching of four suspected cattle lifters at Kalyanpur on June 20 last. And, during the agitation, Covid norms were grossly violated. 


Shouting slogans and pressing for their demand, men and women of Mungiyakami area kept the Police station under a siege for 5 hours. Later, Police high-ups assured the angry villagers to look into the matter and then, agitators left the place.


As part of the investigation into the mob lynching case, Police are interrogating several suspected persons living in Mungiyakami and Kalyanpur PS areas under Teliamura. So far, Police have arrested six persons in connection with the mob lynching case.


However, local villagers claimed that arrested people were not connected with the June 20 lynching. To lodge a protest, local villagers held a rally in Mungiyakami Bazar area demanding the release of the arrested persons.


After the rally, agitators assembled and besieged the Police Station. They also submitted a deputation. They were claiming that police arrested innocent persons.


“Police arrested innocent people. As these people are not involved in the case, Police must release them. Police also must stop bringing people to Police stations for interrogation relating to the lynching case”, agitating mob said.


The impasse continued for five hours. Meanwhile, Additional Police Superindent Rajiv Sengupta and Teliamura SDPO Sonacharan Jamatia reached the spot and held discussions with the agitators. Police officials assured the villagers that Police would investigate agitators’ complain that innocent people were arrested.


After obtaining the assurance, villagers withdrew their agitation. Even as they left the place, flouting Covid norms by the agitators has raised concern for safety of public health. Gathering of large number of people without scant regard to social distancing may probe costly at this crucial juncture of Covid pandemic situation.