Tripura News: YMA Group condemns Bru Reangs for attack on Chorei people

Agartala, Jul 28, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

The Langkaih Group YMA has expressed shock at the incident in which the Bru people of Cascau Para allegedly attacked the Chorei people at Damcherra area under North Tripura on July 26 last. In the attack, several Chorei people sustained grievous injuries


The Langkaih Group YMA has strongly condemned the inhumane act and the brutality of the Bru people. The YMA Group also criticized the Bru for burning houses of locals, cut down countless plantations and crops.


In a press statement, secretary of the YMA Group, Lalnuntluanga Colney expressed hearty sympathy to the Chorei people who suffered immensely at the hands of ‘senseless’ Brus.


In view of the attack, the Langkaih Group YMA urges the Government of Tripura for the intervention. The YMA Group demanded that the persons responsible for committing atrocities on the small community of Chorei should immediately be punished according to the law of the land.


They also demanded compensation for those who lost their residence, were injured and were admitted to the hospitals. Besides, the Langkaih Group YMA also sought peace and harmony for the Chorei community in Tripura.


Expressing solidarity with Chorei community, the secretary and president of Langkaih Group YMA and the whole Mizo community in Mizoram stand by the Zo-blood brothers and sisters Chorei, who had fallen victims at the hands of Brus.