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Tripura on the path to becoming a prime investment destination : Dr Manik Saha

Industrialists and investors from different sectors and places are showing keen interest about Tripura and increasingly acknowledging the business-potentiality of the State, said Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha while conducting a comprehensive inspection of the Kumarghat industrial estate in Unakoti on Wednesday. 

During the visit, the Chief Minister revealed that there is a surge in interest from industrialists across various regions who are keen to invest in the state. 

Dr. Saha underscored the pivotal role of industrial estates in driving economic growth, employment opportunities, and women's empowerment, emphasizing the government's commitment to fostering new industries.

Accompanying the Chief Minister during his visit were Nabadal Banik, Chairman of the Tripura Industrial Development Corporation (TIDC), Viswashree B., Director of the Industries and Commerce Department, Tarit Kanti Chakma, District Magistrate of Unakoti, Kanta Jahangir, Superintendent of Police in Unakoti, and other officials.

In a social media post, Dr. Manik Saha stated, "Industrialists from various parts of the country have expressed their interest in investing in Tripura, encouraged by the state's enhanced connectivity and industry-friendly policies."

During the inspection, Dr. Saha toured various bamboo-based and food processing units within the Kumarghat industrial estate, engaging in conversations with business owners and staff.

Sources have revealed that the Kumarghat Industrial Estate is slated for significant development with state-of-the-art infrastructure enhancements, backed by financial assistance from the Asian Development Bank, amounting to Rs. 61.24 crore.

Presently, the estate is home to 12 bamboo-based units and three food processing units, and it was initially established in 1988, encompassing an area of 45.66 acres.

The Government of Tripura is tirelessly trying to portray Tripura as a prime investment destination, underpinned by strategic development initiatives and progressive policies. The State is also trying to capitalise noticeable improvement in road, rail and air connectivity.

Led by the Chief Minister, State government officials took part in business meetings with industrialists in the State and in other states too.

Industrialists and entrepreneurs are increasingly recognizing the state's potential for growth and are demonstrating a growing interest in becoming part of Tripura's economic trajectory. 

The infusion of funds from the Asian Development Bank into the Kumarghat Industrial Estate promises to further elevate its status as a thriving hub for commerce and industry.

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