Tripura Power Minister ensures uninterrupted power during festivals, urges to refrain from hook line uses

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Agartala , Sep 29, 2023, ENEWSTIME Desk

Tripura's Minister for Power, Ratanlal Nath, ensured continuous electricity supply for the upcoming Durga Puja festival. Besides, the Minister urged not to use hook lines for a seamless uninterrupted power supply.

Addressing the media in Agartala on Friday, Nath disclosed that the anticipated peak demand during the festive days is projected to reach 380 megawatts (MW). 

He further revealed that 300.03 MW of power is readily available in stock, with plans to secure an additional 80 MW to meet the festival's requirements.

Furthermore, Minister Nath announced a reduction in power supply to Bangladesh and confirmed that discussions on this matter had already taken place.

With an eye on bolstering power infrastructure, Nath announced that he and the secretary would embark on a visit to Delhi on October 5th to engage in talks with the Union Minister of Power regarding the initiation of the third unit at the Rukhiya power plant. 

He emphasized that the necessary approvals had been granted for this significant development.

The Power Minister took a proactive approach by chairing a comprehensive review meeting with officials and engineers of the Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited (TSECL). During this meeting, he provided essential directives to guarantee an uninterrupted power supply during the forthcoming festival season.

In a bid to streamline the process, Minister Nath appealed to organizers of Durga Puja celebrations to ensure that they obtain the requisite load approvals and urged the cooperation of all citizens in discontinuing the use of hook lines, which can compromise electrical safety.

Furthermore, the Minister affirmed his commitment to completing all pending infrastructure projects by October 10th and underscored the importance of maintaining ample stocks of transformers and other essential equipment to safeguard the state's power supply.

With these proactive measures and assurances from the Minister for Power, Tripura residents can look forward to a seamless and electrifying Durga Puja celebration