Tripura TMC Youth State Comm formed, two-women in 33-member Comm

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Agartala, Aug 06, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

TMC-State-Commitee-Youth-TripuraTripura Pradesh Trinamool Congress announced State Committee and District Committees of its Youth wing in Agartala on Saturday (Aug 6).


Ex-Youth Congress leader Santanu Saha had been appointed as the president of Tripura Pradesh Youth Trinamool Congress. Rakesh Das, Nil Kamal Saha, Masuk Khan, Uttam Kaloi had been appointed as the vice presidents.


In the 33-member State Youth Trinamool Congress Committee, six leaders had been appointed as the general secretaries, 12 as secretaries and rests as executive member.


Today, TMC also announced its seven Organizational District Youth TMC presidents.  


The 33-member State level Youth Committee is heavily skewed against women as only two female members were included in the Committee. Pallabi Bhattacharjee is the one who found a place among the six general secretaries. Another female member Krishna Dhar had been appointed as the executive member of the Youth State Committee.


Enewstime-TMC-State-Comm-Youth-TripuraState TMC Youth Committee attempted to give Janajati and Minority people adequate representation in the State Committee – 5 Janajati and 10 Minority people found a place in the State Committee.    


Around a year ago, Trinamool Congress re-emerged as a political force in Tripura – leaders from West Bengal made flew down to Agartala and a sense of rejuvenation among the supporters, more specifically among the anti-BJP supporters could be noticed. The situation was such that one of the TMC candidates managed to win a seat in Urban Body Polls in the State – however, later on, the lone TMC councilor switched over to BJP.


TMC spokesperson flew down to Agartala and with complicated mathematical figures justified that TMC emerged as the main opposition relegating Leftists into third place. Of course, CPM fiercely contradicted TMC’s claim.  However, the bubble burst after TMC’s humiliating defeat on Goa. The defeat practically crushed TMC’s dream to become a national alternative to BJP.


Tripura Pradesh Trinamool Congress organization also started to slip away – in the July Assembly by-polls to 4 Assembly Seats in Tripura, all the four TMC candidates forfeited their deposits - Campaign blitz unleashed by a galaxy of Film stars and Party’s All India general secretary Abhishek Banerjee went in vain.


After the by-poll drubbing, TMC is trying to rebuild for upcoming Assembly elections which, given the emerging political scenario in Bengal and Tripura, appears a herculean task to accomplish by the present State party leadership.