Vote Utsav: Purbapara sets an example

Agartala, Nov 25, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Jaydip Chakrabarti


Residents of Jogendranagar Purbapara in Agartala ‘celebrated’ the voting day in a truly festive mood. Rising above the political differences, a community feast was organized on Thursday to celebrate the day and locals really loved it.


Even as reports of sporadic incidents were making a buzz in other AMC areas including some prestigious wards, people of Purbapara under Ward 28 stayed far away from all such buzzes as they were enjoying the voting day that ended in an exemplary fashion.   


“Resident of our Para, irrespective of the political affiliation joined us in the community feast along with their children. The feast has been organized to ensure peace and unity in our locality and enthusiastic participation of locals made the initiative a grand success”, said Arjun Das, a local BJP leader.


Local people welcomed the initiative and hailed the local ruling party leaders for coming out with such a wonderful idea.


It is, indeed a festive day to us. There are no tears of loss or pain, screaming, bleeding or fear, instead we enjoyed a community feast sitting together, said a woman resident.


Hopefully, political leaders of other areas will also follow the footsteps of Purbapara and give priority to the happiness of locals rising above petty political gains.


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