Woman cured of brain aneurysm after 48-hour surgery

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Lucknow, Sep 11, 2022, IANS

A woman underwent a massive and complex 48-hour surgery to cure her of brain aneurysm. Doctors at Lucknow's Apollomedics Hospital successfully performed the surgery.

Brain aneurysm is a bulge or ballooning in a blood vessel in the brain.

MD and CEO, Apollomedics Super speciality Hospital, Dr. Mayank Somani said: "We saved the life of a woman who is a sketch artiste. She was not only cured of her life-threatening condition but also got her eyesight back."

The 40-year-old woman was admitted to emergency with loss of vision and altered sensory faculties.

Senior Consultant of Neurosurgery at Apollomedics Hospital, Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh said: "The patient came to the hospital with no eyesight."

The brain aneurysm exceeding a little over the size of a golf ball, had developed in the base of patient's brain and was about to burst any minute, leading to excessive bleeding in the brain, which would have been a life-threatening condition.

"The surgery involved 50 doctors and paramedics and took about 48 hours. The entire team worked tirelessly and committed themselves to saving the patient's life," said Dr. Somani.