Youth posing as doctor held in IGM

Agartala, May 03, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

A youth was detained in IGM hospital Agartalain Tripura on Monday while posing as a doctor. Clad in decent clothes with a hanging stethoscope around the neck was drawing exact parallels to the outward look of medical professionals. It was Sagar Debnath and it was a curious case of pursuing an unfulfilled dream.

On being asked, Debnath said he was not at all a doctor- in fact, he could not even pass Madhyamik exams-but he just loved to ‘act’ as one of them. He had even admitted that he was suffering from some mental instability that he learnt from his grandmother.

Chaos erupted in the hospital compound after some of the security staff posted at the entrance of the Gynaecology ward of the hospital developed suspicion at the movement of the youth- Sagar Debnath-who apparently looked like a doctor in full attire. But after verification, the security personnel came to know that he was not a doctor. The matter was brought to the notice of the hospital authority at once and Sagar was forced to stay put in a hospital room. The security personnel, nurses and cleaning staff of the hospital asked him to call his mother who after arrival explained his medical condition.

His mother Arati Debnath said he was suffering from a mental health condition for a long time. He failed to progress after class VIII in the school for that. He had once been taken to Silchar for advanced treatment but nothing really worked out.

 “I took him to Silchar for treatment. He also responded to the medications but due to financial hurdles I could not continue his medication and the unknown mental health problems reappeared. He is often found whispering to himself and talking about things that make no sense”, she said.

She also revealed that he had a childhood connection with IGM hospital as his grandmother used to work here. After her death, he did not visit the hospital anymore.

IGM security guards said he was visiting the hospital on and off and was seen by many getting involved in chats with some of the officials and scolding the security guards with authority.

“It was on Monday when he had been identified by one nurse. No one can ever mistake to identify him as a doctor at first look”, said a cleaning staff.

While asked for a comment, the youth, Sagar Debnath said, “I am not a doctor. But, I love to be one. I never tried to treat anyone but roamed across the hospital for my personal satisfaction”.

He had also said that he had borrowed Rs 1,000 from a security guard and his mother would return it soon. On being informed, a team of police from the West Agartala police station rushed to the hospital and detained Debnath.