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13,000 New Jobs Created in Tripura Under State and Central Government's Double Engine Effort: CM

Chief Minister of Tripura Dr. Manik Saha said on Wednesday that both the state and central governments are committed to the welfare of all citizens, particularly those from underprivileged sections of society.

“The double engine government of the state and the center is working for the overall welfare of the people including people from underprivileged sections. Both the government at both levels has created over 13,000 new jobs from 2018 to 2024, not limited to direct government roles but also encompassing contracting and outsourcing opportunities. Furthermore, efforts are underway to generate additional employment opportunities beyond government roles," Dr. Saha emphasized.

He said this during the inauguration of the newly constructed Harijan Quarter near IGM Hospital in Agartala, highlighting the government's alignment with Prime Minister Modi's principles and vision."

13000-jobs-created-tripura-CMDr. Saha said, "If anyone has conducted a social and economic assessment of those who have been historically deprived and undervalued, it is PM Modi. The Tripura government is also actively pursuing similar initiatives. A new building has been constructed here for the underprivileged sections of society, fully equipped and designed to provide dignified accommodation for cleaning workers. Such development projects are underway in various locations, with plans for more in the future."

The Chief Minister reported that Rs 2.93 crore was allocated for the construction of this residence, which took approximately two and a half years to complete. The two-storey building comprises a total of 10 residences, with keys handed over to 9 beneficiaries so far.

"The government has ensured that every resident can live here with dignity, without any financial contribution from the beneficiaries towards the construction costs,' he said.

Dr Saha said that previously, slogans like "Garibi Hatao" were common, but now the focus has shifted.

“Since the change in government, especially in Tripura, there's no need for large processions or rallies to gain support. We are already delivering on our promises”, he said.

He noted significant economic progress among many through startups and entrepreneurship, and emphasized the improvement in rural financial systems through the proliferation of self-help groups which was around 5,000, there are now approximately 46,000 such groups.

Dr Saha also underscored the Prime Minister's focus on financial empowerment for women.

During the fiscal year 2023-24, 215 projects were implemented under the ANUSUCHIT JAATI ABHYUDAY YOJANA (PM-AJAY), benefiting 2,480 individuals who achieved financial independence through this initiative. 

Moreover, the State Government's Dr. BR Ambedkar Merit Award was conferred upon 7,827 students, with gold medals awarded to 9 scheduled caste students for their outstanding performance in secondary and higher secondary examinations conducted by the Tripura Board of Secondary Education. 

Last year, 872 students received boarding house stipends. Moreover, Rs. 4 crore 51 lakhs in loans were disbursed to 153 Scheduled Caste beneficiaries.

Officials present at the event included Agartala Municipal Corporation Deputy Mayor Monika Das Dutta, West District Magistrate Dr. Vishal Kumar, and other senior officials.


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