Attacks on Chakma in Bangladesh: Tripura Chakma body demands Sheikh Hasina's intervention

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Agartala, Aug 05, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Tripura-Chakma-Students-AssociationTripura Chakma Students' Association is not happy with the Bangladesh government and security forces as attacks on Chakma community in Bangladesh remained unabated.


Condemning the attacks, Chakma Students’ Association demanded Bangladesh Prime Minister’s interference in ensuring protection of indigenous Chakma Community in Bangladesh.  


General secretary of Tripura Chakma Students’ Association, Subal Kumar Chakma held a press conference in Kanchanpur under North Tripura and alleged, “Communal attacks on indigenous peoples by Bengali settlers in the Chittagong hill tracts are rapidly increasing.


Such frequent barbaric attacks on indigenous peoples are a serious matter of concern for the indigenous people of Bangladesh and a violation of Human rights. The attacks are slowly destroying indigenous culture, tradition and custom of the different indigenous peoples of Bangladesh”.


He detailed the attacks on Chakma people in Bangladesh over the years. While looting and burning down house are common, Chakma women are often victim of rape of Bangladeshi miscreants.


/enewstime-Tripura-Chakma-Students-AssociationSubal Kumar Chakma alleged Bangladeshi miscreants are trying to evict the Chakma people by terrorizing them with the intention of grabbing the lands of the Chakma.     


Meantime, members of the Tripura Chakam Students Association tried to send a memorandum to the Bangaldesh Prime Minister.


In this connection, Subal Kumar Chakma alleged several applications detailing the unabated atrocities on Chakma people were submitted to Bangladesh High Commissioner, Agartala to send a memorandum to Bangladesh Prime Minister. However, there were no responses.


In view of the incidences of attacks and demanding protection of Chakma people, the Tripura Chakma Students’ Association demanded to the ‘People's Republic of Bangladesh Government Prime Minister Begum Sheikh Hasina to take action as soon as possible to stop this inhuman crime’.


The Association members also said, otherwise they would be forced to launch a larger movement.