Babita Sarkar to use her compensation money for charity

Kolkata, Jun 25, 2022, IANS

Babita Sarkar who will be appointed as a higher secondary political science teacher in place of the daughter of a state minister, will donate the compensation money that she will receive for charitable work.

As per the court order, Sarkar will receive the entire amount drawn as salary by the minister's daughter, Ankita Adhikari before she faced termination, as compensation. However, Sarkar does not want to spend that money for personal purposes since she had not earned that against her services to the school and instead use the same for charitable work.

As per the Calcutta High Court order, Ankita Adhikari, daughter of West Bengal minister of state for education, Paresh Chandra Adhikari, is supposed to pay back the entire salary that she drew from the school in Cooch Behar district in two instalments. Ankita has already made her first instalment payment to the registrar of the Calcutta High Court amounting to around Rs 8,00,000, which is supposed to be credited to Sarkar by next month.

Though keen to receive that amount, Sarkar wants to spend the money for charitable purposes. "The amount that I will be receiving on this count is not what I earned rendering my service as a teacher. So, I do not want to spend that money for any personal purpose. Rather I wish to spend the money on charitable or social welfare work," Sarkar said.

As per the Calcutta High Court order, Babita Sarkar will get the appointment in the post vacated in India Girls' High School in Cooch Behar district because of the termination of the Ankita Adhikari. Incidentally, Ankita completed her education from the same school.

Meanwhile, the social media has been flooded with praises about Sarkar, where everyone is congratulating her for her fighting spirit. Those praising her are claiming that she has set an example on how to continue with the struggle against injustice without accepting that as the irony of fate. The social media is also being flooded with praises of Calcutta High Court's judge, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay, who passed the order on this count.