Back to the Roots for Nature Conservation, Environmentalists demand in International Conference

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Guwahati, Jun 26, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Everyone has to contribute in one or the other way to achieve the targets of UNSDGs. The main approach should be revival of the eco-traditional heritage - this was the outcome of the International Webinar on Nature-Human Interrelationship with respect to Ecosystem Restoration held on June 26, 2021.


EnvironmentGlobal Forum for Sustainable Rural Development (GFSRD) partners with Agrawal Kanya Mahavidyalaya Gangapur City, Santan Dharm Government College Beawar and WWF-India Udaipur along with 21 partner associates of International Consortium for Nature Conservation.


In the opening session the guests addressed the participants to come forward for the environmental actions from the platforms of such webinars. Agrawal Shikshan Sansthan presdient Om Prakash Gupta Dharmkanta assured the platform for all kind of support by the academic platform of Agrawal College for such initiatives.


Prof. B. R. Bamniya addressed the participants to restore ecosystem which are degraded around their close by sites whereas R. K. Meghwal emphasized on the grass root interventions for the successful outcomes. Arun Shrivastava, K. K. Sinha, Pradeep Agrawal, Prof. R. Singhal had given an overview of the interventions need to be carried out by every sector of their associations.


The Organizing Secretary Dr Deepali Lall introduced every segment of the webinars and it’s rational. The Patrons of the webinar SDGC Principal Dr. Aruna Gupta and AKM Principal Dr. Satya P. Mehra delivered their message to take out the recommendations from such webinars.


Dr. Jayanta Choudhury, Associate Professor, NIRDPR-NERC, chaired the First Technical Session. In the session, Tapash Ranjan Chakraborty, Senior Programme Manager, BRAC, Bangladesh highlighted the Nature-Human interrelationship of the communities; Gustavo P.G. de Oliveira from Brazil elaborated the importance of the Bamboo for the present world especially in terms of employability; Prof. George Onsey, Humanity dept., Egyptian Russian university, Egypt along with Dr. Nikki de Pinna, Chairperson, Global Peace Let’s Talk, UK highlighted the philosophical and scientific concepts of the nature-human interrelationship. Achuo Resco Fang, Executive Director of Watchman Relief Association Global, Cameroon and Geoffrey Manasseh, Country Coordinator of United Religions Initiative, Malawi presented their country experiences related to ecological restoration whereas Dr. Om Katel, Faculty, College of Natural Resource Management, Royal University Bhutan extensively stated the eco-heritage and role of humans. Young Scholar Sandli Shrivastava from Norway stated the relevance of ecosystem restoration in the Scandinavian nations.


In the second Technical Session led by Education Officer WWF-India Arun Soni and Dr. Satish Kr. Sharma along with Rahul Bhatnagar from Green Peepal Society. The session highlighted the conservation actions executed by WWF-India and the Green Peepal Society as the examples to mobilize and sensitize the youngsters and the retired professionals. 


Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Kamlesh Rawat from SD Government College.