Chapter on corona be introduced in school curricula

Jaipur, Jul 05, 2020, IANS

Rajasthan Health Minister Raghu Sharma has said that a chapter on coronavirus should be introduced in school curricula to help the coming generations become aware of the challenges society faced together in fighting COVID-19.

"Students should be made aware of the times we went through during the lockdown. This was first pandemic outbreak reported in the world in over 100 years and hence its documentation should be done for the coming generations to remain prepared for future challenges which we wish should never come," Sharma said on Saturday.

"Had the Spanish flu reported in 1920 been documented and a book available on it, we could have learned the tips and tricks to fight the health challenge. Now, we need to have books for the newer generation to know how we fought the COVID-19 epidemic and how society combated the challenge unitedly and stayed in a lockdown for months."

The Minister further said that the state health department has developed the capacity of conducting more than 41,000 tests per day and because of the better arrangements of the government, the recovery ratio of corona positive has reached 80 per cent. Out of total 19,256 cases in the state, 15,352 have recovered and have gone home.

Soon, more than 50,000 tests per day will be conducted in the state, he said, and informed that people are recovering soon at the institutional quarantine centres made by the government and through home quarantine.

The Health Minister said that when the state's first corona case came to light, the sample was sent to Pune laboratory for testing.

Rajasthan has made all arrangements at different places to fight the coronavirus, Sharma said, adding that samples of around 9 lakh people have been taken.

The entire attention of the government is on sampling so that corona does not spread, he said.