Hope for Cancer patients of Tripura: Doctors stitch success in critical neuro-onco surgery

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Agartala, Aug 04, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Neuro-Onco-surgery-cancer-TripuraFor the first time in Tripura, a complex operation on a 32-year-old woman's cancerous skull was successfully performed at the Neurosurgical Operation Theater of Government Medical College Hospital, Agartala.


This operation lasted from 3 pm to 11 pm yesterday. Ten expert doctors from GBP Hospital Agartala and Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Cancer (ABV-RC) Hospital successfully performed the operation in 8 consecutive hours.


MS of ABV-RC Dr. Gautam Majumder said that he had never seen such an operation in the State before.


The success of the doctors will usher new hopes for the cancer patients of Tripura. Earlier, patients suffering from such disease had to go to other states for the surgery.


enewstime-Neuro-Onco-surgery-cancer-TripuraThe family members of the patient were elated at the success of the doctors of GB Hospital and ABV-RC for saving the life the patient as well as saving the huge cost involved in conducting such surgery in other States.


The operation was conducted under the leadership of expert doctors Dr. Siddha Reddy, Dr. Ashish Kumar Gupta, Dr. Mrinal Devavarma and others.


Speaking about the surgery, eminent cancer specialist and MS of ABV-RC Dr. Gautam Majumder said the operation on that lady with large cancerous tumor of scalp involving Skull bone  was critical.


“Surgical Oncology team ABV RCC and Neurosurgery team of GB Hospital removed the diseased portion of scalp along with underlying skull bone. After the operation, the skull is reconstructed with a special mesh of titanium metal in the empty space of the cancerous skull. The skin on the top of the skull had to be replaced”, Dr Majumder said.


Meanwhile Dr Ashish Kumar Gupta thanked Dr Reddy, Dr Debbarma and their associates for sabing the life of the 32 years old lady.


He also focused on the financial aspect from the point of view of the patient.


“Usually such an operation costs at Rs 5 lakh. However, the cost was only Rs 50,000 in this case for essential consumables through Ayushman Bharat Scheme”, Dr Gautam Majumder said.