Love triangle behind woman cop's murder, say K'taka Police

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Tumakuru (Karnataka), Sep 19, 2022, IANS

The Karnataka Police investigations have revealed love triangle as the reason behind the murder of a female constable here.

The police took another woman constable and her associate into custody in connection with the case on Monday.

The arrested female constable has been identified as Rani and her associate as Nikhesh.

Sudha, 39, who worked as a police constable at the Huliyar police station in Tumakuru had gone missing recently. Her dead body was found later.

Manjunath, deceased Sudha's cousin also committed suicide and police through his death note came to know about the role of another woman constable in the murder of Sudha.

The investigations showed that Rani and the deceased Sudha were in love with a police constable who worked in Bengaluru. They had fought over the matter many times even inside the police station. Rani had decided to finish off Sudha and sought the help of Sudha's cousin Manjunath, sources said.

Manjunath took Rs 5 lakh and agreed to kill his cousin Sudha. After a failed attempt on September 4, Manjunath and his friend Nikhil killed her on September 13.

Nikhil offered to give a lift to Sudha on September 13 evening in a car. On the route Manjunath also joined them. The accused then put chilli spray into her eyes and stabbed her in the chest. Later, they strangulated her to death.

They dumped her body into the bushes near Tiptur-Arsikere rail track. Police said that Manjunath after killing her cousin, turned fearful and consumed poison and ended his life. His death note led to the arrest of Nikhesh, and later Nikhesh during the probe revealed the role of constable Rani.

Nikhesh also told the police that Rani scolded them for making a failed first attempt and had given them a deadline of seven days to finish off the cop. Further investigation is on.