Mahila Congress vows to fortify roots across Tripura through strategic programs

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Agartala , Dec 06, 2023, ENEWSTIME Desk

Despite electoral defeats in three states, the leaders of Tripura Pradesh Mahila Congress exuded enthusiasm and resilience as they unveiled plans to bolster the party's presence in Tripura. 

An announcement was made by the leaders asserting the commitment of Mahila Congress activists to fortify the party's roots across the state through a series of strategic programs.

During the Executive Meeting of the women's wing held in Agartala, Sarbani Ghosh Chakraborty, the State Women Congress president, expressed optimism about the imminent state visit of Priyanka Gandhi, a key figure in the party's senior leadership.

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The inaugural executive meeting of the new committee of Tripura Pradesh Mahila Congress took place at the Pradesh Congress headquarters in Agartala on Wednesday. 

Sarbani Ghosh Chakraborty presided over the meeting in which Pradesh Congress president Asish Kumar Saha, Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman, and other party leaders also took part in the meeting.

Commenting on the meeting's outcomes, the state president of Congress’ women's wing highlighted their resolution to tirelessly strive for the welfare of women throughout the state while concurrently fortifying the party's organizational structure.

Moreover, she stressed the Women's Congress' commitment to initiate multiple campaigns against the escalating instances of crime and violence targeting women in Tripura under the present BJP regime.

Expressing gratitude to the senior leadership for the formation of a robust Pradesh Mahila Congress committee in Tripura, Chakraborty further emphasized the imminent visit of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to the state, which she believes will provide a significant impetus to the efforts of women congress workers.

She called for unified efforts among all women committee members to construct a formidable organization of Mahila Congress in Tripura, underlining the importance of collective action and solidarity within the party's ranks.

Already riddled with inner party disputes, the faction-ridden Congress in Tripura is desperately attempting to rebuild the organization. With the formation of the INDI Alliance, Congress was hoping to emerge as an alternative force.

However, assembly poll results in the Hindi heartland, especially Madhya Pradesh, delivered a serious blow to the aspirations of INDI Alliance and more specifically Congress, opined Agartala-based political analysts.