Miscreants attack rally bound CPI-M supporters in Tripura

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Agartala, Sep 21, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Manik-CPIM-Politiburo-TripuraPolitical mercury soared high in Temple Town in Tripura – Udaipur over a public rally of Opposition CPI-M on Wednesday.


According to CPI-M sources, miscreants attacked the public meeting bound party supporters at different places in Udaipur today. In the attacks at least 16 Janajati persons were wounded and injuries of one of them were serious.


In a press statement, CPI-M State Committee alleged a group of miscreants attacked the CPM Janajati supporters who were coming from Killa near Girls’ High School. Later, CPI-M leaders including CPI-M Politburo leader Manik Sarkar met in the under treatment injured persons in the hospital. However, with heavy deployment of security forces, the public rally was held without any trouble.


Addressing the public rally, CPI-M Politburo leader Manik Sarkar came down heavily on ruling BJP for unabated political attacks on Opposition party workers. The CPI-M leader also criticized the government on education, employment, price hike and other issues. He also blamed the government for throttling democracy in the state.


enewstime-Manik-CPIM-Politiburo-TripuraHe, however, maintained that it would not be possible to suppress the voices of CPI-M party workers by resorting to political violence.  


Large posse of security personnel were deployed around the place of public rally today. Amidst tight security as well as growing tension, Sarkar commented, BJP has become afraid of losing power as people are rallying behind the CPI-M in increasing numbers despite intimidation and political terror.   


He alleged that people had become disillusioned as unemployment is growing at the same time prices of essentials are increasing.  


Among others, CPM MLA Ratan Bhowmik, ex-Minister Naresh Jamatia and other leaders were present in the programme. Apprehending troubles, huge security personnel were deployed around the meeting place.  


Manik Sarkar reiterated the demand for increasing REGA wages and REGA mandays. He also pointed out issues relating to shortage of teachers, price hikes and unemployment etc.


The CPI-M leader also slammed the BJP government at the Centre for ‘announcing war against labourers’ and for putting the common people under severe economic distress.