North East: Rain, landslides wrecks havoc; IAF-NFR evacute over 1500 stranded passengers

Agartala /Guwahti, May 15, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk /IANS

Rail and road connectivity with Tripura was severed owing to incessant rain-induced waterlogging and landslides at several places leaving thousands of rail and bus passengers and hundreds of goods carriers stranded in a helpless condition.


NFR-IAF-Evacute-NE-train-cancelled-rainThe Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Northeast Frontier Railways (NFR) have evacuated over 1,500 stranded passengers while over 25 pairs of trains connecting Tripura, Mizoram and southern Assam had to be cancelled following heavy landslides triggered by incessant rains in Dima Hasao district in Assam, officials said on Sunday, IANS reported and quoting the NFR officials added, "The stranded passengers of these trains are safe. All kinds of essential items like food and drinking water are being arranged by the railway authorities for them”. 


Passengers travelling in Night Super buses and lorries remained stranded owing to huge landslides at Sonapur and adjacent areas in Meghalaya and along the roads connecting Tripura, Barak and Mizoram. Lack of water and food has put the stranded bus passengers in deep trouble. Road connectivity collapsed since Saturday leaving vehicles including Tripura Night Super Buses stranded at different places.


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According to sources, landslides occurred at around 25 places in the stretch from New Haflong to Bandarkhal. Moreover, traffic movement also stalled along Haflong-Silchar NH after the NH was declared closed.  


Inclement weather and incessant rain severed the road and rail connectivity between Tripura, Barak and Mizoram.


At least 25 pairs of trains were cancelled while many other trains were partially cancelled. Thousands of rail passengers remained stuck in different stations.


NFR personnel are unable to carry out the massive repair works due to bad weather and unabated downpour. At least 10-15 days would be required to repair and restore normal traffic movement, informed sources said.