PIB Webinar with Ashish Kundra explores developmental dynamics in NE India

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Agartala, May 20, 2023, ENEWSTIME Desk

Renowned writer and a senior officer from the IAS 1996 batch, Ashish Kundra, took part in a webinar organized by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) on Saturday (May 20).


Currently serving as the Principal Secretary of the Transport Department under the Delhi Government, Kundra also authored  "A Resurgent Northeast: Narratives of Change."


The webinar centred around a captivating discussion revolving around Kundra's book, which focused on the dynamics of developmental activities in the Northeast region and its transformative journey.


B. Narayanan, the Director General of the PIB, adeptly moderated the session.


PIB-Webinar-North-EastDuring the engaging conversation, Kundra expressed his admiration for the remarkable progress witnessed in the Northeast region in recent years, underscoring the vast investment potential it has generated.


He stressed the significance of each state in the region giving special attention to crucial areas such as tourism, local culture, horticulture, roads, and internet connectivity. By consistently fostering development in these sectors, Kundra emphasized that overall progress could be achieved, fostering prosperity alongside advancements in other social and financial domains.


Furthermore, Kundra highlighted the inherent beauty, vibrant lifestyle, and simplicity that characterize the Northeast region, earning admiration not only across the country but also on a global scale. The webinar provided an ideal platform to delve into these vital topics and shed light on the immense potential for sustainable growth in the Northeast region.


The webinar served as a platform for in-depth analysis and fruitful discussions, further illuminating the developmental prospects in the vibrant Northeast region.


The webinar witnessed insightful discussions on the Northeast's developmental journey and explored the path towards comprehensive advancement. Kundra's expertise and perspective contributed to a better understanding of the region's immense possibilities, as attendees gained valuable insights into the ways to harness its potential for sustainable and inclusive growth.