Shocking: Minor girl kidnapped for second time by same accused

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Agartala, Jun 05, 2023, ENEWSTIME Desk

In a shocking and alarming incident that has left the local community in anguish, a minor girl was kidnapped for the second time from the Badharghat area near Agartala in West Tripura District while she was en route to her private tuition on Saturday (June 3) afternoon. As of the latest available information, the young girl has yet to be rescued, plunging her family into anguish and worry.

According to local sources, the perpetrator responsible for this heinous act is believed to be the same individual who had previously kidnapped her. Identified as Suman Ghosh, son of Subhash Ghosh, the accused is currently facing trial for his involvement in the previous abduction and rape case filed against him by the same victim's parents. The ongoing case is being tried in the court of District and Sessions Judge, Agartala.

Minor-girl-kidnapped-raped-TripuraThe victim's family accused Suman Ghosh of forcefully abducting their daughter after issuing threats.

They asserted that there is no romantic association between the victim and the accused, as the girl is solely focused on her studies, particularly in the field of science.

The family believes that the latest abduction is an attempt by Suman Ghosh to evade prosecution in his ongoing case of kidnap and rape of the same girl.

Despite lodging a written complaint against Suman Ghosh at Amtali Police Station on June 4, the victim's family claims that the police have failed, so far, to rescue their daughter even after more than 24 hours since the case was registered.

Expressing deep concern and anguish, the victim's mother appealed to the administration for immediate action, urging them to intensify their efforts to locate and safely rescue her daughter. She also demanded that strict legal measures be taken against the accused, Suman Ghosh.

In an attempt to assist the authorities in their investigation, the victim's mother has provided information that Suman Ghosh is still present in the Narayan Khamar area.

The gravity of the situation caused tensions and concerns in the Chowmuni Bazaar Narayan Khamar area, and the local community is anxiously awaiting decisive action from the authorities to ensure the safe recovery of the abducted girl and to prevent any further incidents of abduction and assault.