Tripura CM calls for increased Civil Defense volunteers, aiming for 1% of population

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Agartala, Dec 06, 2023, ENEWSTIME Desk

The Chief Minister of Tripura, Prof. (Dr.) Manik Saha, has stressed the significance of active cooperation from Civil Defense Volunteers. He stated that the number of civil defence volunteers in the state is expected to soon reach 1% of the total population.

Dr. Saha participated in the observance of the 61st All India Civil Defence & Home Guards Raising Day at Manoranjan Debbarma Smriti Stadium, A.D. Nagar today.

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"Civil Defense and Home Guard volunteers, driven by humanitarianism, are selflessly working in the state to address any disaster. In recognition of their dedication, Civil Defense and Home Guard Day is celebrated annually on December 6 across the country. While civil defence gained legal status in India in 1968, it was officially recognized in Tripura in 1971 during the India-Pakistan war related to the liberation war of Bangladesh. As of 2021, civil defence activities were limited to the city of Agartala. Disaster management was incorporated into the Civil Defense Act in 2009, and subsequent amendments were made," said Dr. Saha.
He said that civil defence was initially under the jurisdiction of the District Magistrate of West Tripura district but was transferred to the Home Department of the State Government in 2019 and later to the Revenue Department in 2020.
"The Director of the Department of Relief, Rehabilitation, and Disaster Management has been appointed as the Civil Defense Officer of the State. Currently, there are approximately 2,000 trained Civil Defense Volunteers in the state undergoing regular training at the State Government's nodal training center, Central Training Institute, and district-level training centers for disaster preparedness," he added.
Dr. Saha highlighted that the Department of Fire and Emergency Services is actively involved in the Civil Defense Training Programme. 

“According to the state government's decision, the number of civil defence volunteers in the state is expected to reach 1 percent of the total population soon. The government aims to ensure the active cooperation of Civil Defense Volunteers by using them for disaster management in both normal and emergencies”, he said.
The Chief Minister mentioned that there are currently 460 Home Guards in Tripura, including 40 women Home Guards.
"These Home Guards serve in various offices and carry out their duties with honesty and devotion. To address the challenges faced by Home Guards, including duty, commitment, and financial issues, the state government has increased their monthly salary and pension," he concluded.
During the event, Director General of Police Amitabha Ranjan was also present.