Tripura Mahila Congress launches Nari Nyay Andolan

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Agartala , Feb 06, 2024, ENEWSTIME Desk

The Tripura Mahila Congress, under the guidance of the All India Women Congress Committee, started a campaign on Tuesday to fight for the rights and welfare of women in the state. 

The campaign, called 'Nari Nyay Andolan', is part of the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra launched by Rahul Gandhi at the national level. 

The campaign aims to address the issues of women reservation, inflation, and violence against women. The campaign also promises to raise voice for equal pay, better health and sanitation, free education, and safety and security of women. 

Sarbani Ghosh Chakraborty, the president of the Tripura Mahila Congress, spoke to the press from the Pradesh Congress headquarters in Agartala today. 

She said the 'Nari Nyay Andolan' is an initiative to protect the interests of women across the state and to join the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra from Manipur to Mumbai. Ghosh Chakraborty also accused the BJP government of being responsible for the rise in crimes against women in Tripura. 

She said that in the last 6-7 years of BJP rule in Tripura, women-related crimes have increased alarmingly. 

The leader alleged that many BJP workers were involved in rape and murder cases and escaped punishment due to their political affiliation. She also said that many victims and their families were afraid to file complaints with the police. 

She said Tripura Mahila Congress is determined to provide all possible help to any woman in distress in the state.