Tripura: Opposition leader Manik Sarkar fires verbal salvos at BJP, Tipra Motha

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Agartala, Nov 27, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Opposition Leader of Tripura and CPIM Politburo leader Manik Sarkar fired verbal salvos at BJP and Tipra Motha while addressing a Conference of party’s working women’s wing in Agartala on Sunday (Nov 27).


The CPIM leader claimed, people are disgruntled with the ruling BJP as well as Tipra Motha. Prior to the 2018 Assembly polls, BJP promised implementation of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations, but it did not fulfill its promise.  In this connection he also took a jibe at the Assam’s Chief Minister Himant Viswa Sharma and without naming Sharma, the CPIM leader referred to Sharma’s assurance regarding implementation of the 7th pay commission.


Manik-Sarkar-Tripura-BJP-Tipra-MothaTurning his attention at Tipra Motha, Sarkar said  before the Tripura Tribal Area Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) elections, Tipra Motha raised the ‘Greater Tipra Land’ demand and managed to win the TTAADC. However, Tipra Motha could not provide the basic amenities – there is lack of food, jobs, teachers’ crisis in schools, lack of doctors and medicines in health centre, roads are in pitiable condition.


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He also said when IPFT was trying to mislead people with the separate Tipra Land demand; we made it clear that this was nothing but an unrealistic demand. Indigenous people did not pay heed to our understandings. However, during the last 4.6 years, people realized hollowness of separate Tipraland demand and at present, IPFT exists on paper as most of the party leaders and supporters quit the party.


Sarkar continued and said, they kept their hope on Tipra Motha, now indigenous people are getting confused with the Greater Tipra Land demand. Moreover, Tipra Motha came into power in TTAADC around 16 months ago – during this time, TTAADC administration did not perform like the previous CPIM controlled TTAADC.  As a result, common indigenous people are suffering now.


Besides, Manik Sarkar also raised concern at the prevailing law and order condition in the State – despite hard challenges, he urged the party supporters to remain united and ensure Left Front’s victory in upcoming Assembly polls.