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Tripura Police and BSF's Joint Operation Leads to Major Drug Bust, firearms seized Notorious Smuggler Arrested

In a significant crackdown on drug trafficking, Tripura police, under the leadership of Officer-in-Charge of the Amtali Police Station, Ranjit Debnath, conducted a successful joint operation with the C Company of the 42nd Battalion of the Border Security Force (BSF) near Matinagar School on Thursday. 

The operation, executed in the early hours of the morning, resulted in the seizure of a substantial quantity of drugs and the arrest of a notorious drug smuggler, Sundar Ali.

During the raid, authorities confiscated 59,200 Yaba tablets, 50 bottles of Phensedyl, 23,550 Bangladeshi Taka, and a sophisticated pistol along with two magazines and eight fresh bullets. 

The seized items also included other suspicious materials, contributing to the estimated value of over Rs 1 crore.

Reports indicate that the operation was a collaborative effort between the BSF's Rayermura BOP team and the Amtali police. 

Their coordinated efforts and precise execution led to the significant bust, dealing a considerable blow to the drug trafficking network in the region.

The West District Police have expressed immense satisfaction with the success of the operation. 

West District Police Superintendent Dr. Kiran Kumar is reportedly enthusiastic about the accomplishment and is expected to address the media regarding the details of the raid at a press conference scheduled at Amtali police station. 

Despite the major success, both the police and the BSF have remained tight-lipped about the specifics of the incident. Further details are anticipated during Dr. Kiran Kumar's media briefing, where he is expected to highlight the meticulous planning and execution that led to the successful operation.

This joint operation underscores the ongoing efforts of law enforcement agencies in Tripura to combat drug trafficking and ensure the safety and security of the region. 

The arrest of Sundar Ali, a key figure in the smuggling network, marks a significant achievement for the authorities, sources said.

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