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Unique Tradition : Tripura State Rifles jawans worship weapons on Vishwakarma Puja

In a distinctive tradition, the Tripura State Rifles (TSR) celebrated Vishwakarma Puja by reverently worshipping arms and ammunition at all 14 battalion headquarters across the state on Monday.

The officers of TSR revealed that this practice goes beyond the customary rituals associated with Vishwakarma Puja, the annual celebration dedicated to Lord Vishwakarma, the Hindu god of architecture and engineering.

On this special day, the troopers of TSR assembled before Lord Vishwakarma and placed their arms and ammunition with great reverence, seeking the divine blessings of the deity. A senior TSR officer explained that this tradition is deeply rooted in the belief that invoking the blessings of Lord Vishwakarma ensures the proper functioning and effectiveness of their weaponry.

TSR-Jawans-Vishwakarma-Puja-TripuraLord Vishwakarma holds a significant place in Hindu mythology, credited with the creation of the universe, Heaven, and Earth. In honor of this divine architect, the jawans of TSR meticulously clean their arms, vehicles, and machinery before offering their prayers. They believe that their devotion will lead to favorable outcomes in their duties, emphasizing the importance of maintaining their equipment.

Beyond the religious significance, this day carries immense importance for the soldiers and officers of TSR as it is seen as an auspicious occasion for strengthening the bond between them and their equipment and weaponry. Lord Vishwakarma symbolizes excellence and quality in craftsmanship, making this tradition a vital part of their military culture.

This unwavering faith in Lord Vishwakarma has proven to be beneficial for TSR, as evidenced by its commendable track record. Besides their role in providing security during the high-profile 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, the India Reserve (IR) battalions of TSR have been entrusted with election duties and security operations in more than 19 states during Assembly and Lok Sabha polls.

Trained extensively in counter-insurgency operations, the jawans of TSR have played a pivotal role in suppressing a more than four decades-old insurgency in the northeastern state. Their skill is exemplified by the fact that 75 percent of IR personnel are native to Tripura, while the rest come from different parts of the country. TSR comprises 14 battalions, a majority of which are IR battalions.

Vishwakarma Puja continues to be a time-honoured tradition for TSR, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to their duties and the reverence they hold for their equipment, bolstered by their belief in Lord Vishwakarma's blessings. (Edited)

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