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When Indian Diaspora Turned Moscow's Historic Carlton Hotel into a Celebration Hub

The entire stretch from Tverskaya metro station to the historic Carlton Hotel turned into a mini India as hundreds of Indians, many of them dressed in traditional attire, thronged the area to have a glimpse of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday morning. 

Chants of "Jai Jai Modi" and "Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai" reverberated at the station, on the road and even in the hotel lobby - where PM Modi is staying during his Moscow visit - as people started arriving several hours before the Prime Minister was scheduled to address a community event on the second and final day of his Russia visit.

The mood at the Carlton Hotel, renowned for hosting distinguished guests like Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the past, was of festivity as special Gujarati food and 'chai' (tea) were served to the guests who had gathered to hear PM Modi speak on a significant day.

The Indian diaspora was immersed in unbridled joy as PM Modi arrived at the venue, dressed in a pristine white kurta.

In his address, PM Modi affirmed once again India's growing global standing.

"There is no doubt that the 21st century is India's century. Earlier, I was claiming this, now, the world is. India is a strong pillar in the multipolar world. When India talks of peace and diplomacy, the world listens," he said.

Prime Minister Modi also reiterated his electoral promise of rapid progress for India.

"The progress India has made in the past 10 years is just a trailer. In the next 10 years, India will go on a fast track. It's in my DNA to challenge the challenges," he proclaimed, drawing enthusiastic applause from the audience.

PM Modi highlighted the enduring friendship between India and Russia, emphasising the collaborative efforts towards a better future.

"India and Russia are working strength to strength to build a better future. This relationship has been for years. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Russia means 'sukh dukh ka saathi'. India-Russia relationship has always been positive. It is built on mutual trust and mutual respect," he stated.

He also reminisced about cultural icons like Raj Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborty, who introduced Indian culture to Russia, and announced the establishment of new Indian consulates in Kazan and Yekaterinburg.

Reflecting on his tenure as Gujarat's Chief Minister, Modi mentioned the 'Ganga-Volga dialogue' of civilisation, highlighting the ongoing rediscovery of each other's heritage.

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