Where men hand rearing new born Clouded Leopard cubs

Agartala, Aug 05, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Sepahijala-Sanctuary-Tripura-Leopard-CloudMen are rearing two newly born Leopard cubs at Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary in Tripura. It is the first successful instance of hand rearing a Clouded Leopard in India. Dedicated staff of the sanctuary fondly named the cubs as – Antarip and Julekha.


The goal of hand rearing is for saving the vulnerable Animal newborns and infants. It requires a lot of time, effort and patience. This is almost the same as raising a human baby.


The Hand rearing may include late night feeding activities for many days by dedicated care takers.


The role of the caretakers is crucial for the well being of the animal newborns. Hand rearing practice generally includes some basic arrangement like provision of sanitation, warm environment, a suitable feeding regimen, attention to excretions and general health of the cubs, experts commented.


Nevertheless, people and tourists are expected to visit Sepahijala sanctuary in numbers in coming days to see the hand reared Clouded Leopard cubs. Sepahijala Sanctuary is popular for Clouded Leopard and spectacles Monkey.


enewstime-Sepahijala-Sanctuary-Tripura-Leopard-CloudAntarip and Julekha were released in the Conservation Breeding Centre Sepahijala on Thursday – the Sanctuary observed International World Clouded Leopard Day through a simple programme.


In the programme, staffs of the Sepahijala were felicitated for discharging their responsibilities in the conservation of Clouded Leopard.


Among others, Sabhadhipati of Sepahijala Zila Parishad Supriya Das Datta, DFO Biswajit Das and other officials of the Sanctuary were present in the programme.


Speaking on the occasion, distinguished guests highlighted the need to preserve and conserve Clouded Leopard. Speakers emphasized generating awareness among the staff to this end.