Baby in Neonatal unit : A fight more intense than that of David against Goliath

Dr Gopa Chatterjee

It is a fierce battlefield where every moment counts. It is a place where tiny sparks of lives cling to ventilators, monitors, and tubes, as they battle hard to bloom – it is the Neonatal ward.

While parents anxiously wait outside unsure about the outcome of the battle, inside the ward, doctors and nurses silently move around, monitor and try to provide the tiny lives as much medical support as possible to help the little life win the fight which is, in a sense, much intense than the David vs Goliath battle.  

Doctors and Nurses working in the Ward in the IGM Hospital in Agartala said, these little lives are great warriors with remarkable resilience and adaptability. It is hard to imagine how these little packs of energies fight against all the odds. Their bravery always amazes those who witness it.

Neonatal-ward-IGM-HospitalOne new born baby of Gangaram Para in Gandachhera, with a weight of less than 900 grams, was fighting for its life since the time he was born – he survived the initial battle but more was to come.  When he was one month old, he developed pneumonia, and one of its tiny lungs became tired of incessant battle.

He was brought to the Neonatal ward of the IGM Hospital and the battle started again.  Doctors and nurses started doing everything they could to save him. The team worked tirelessly, increasing his oxygen, administering antibiotics, and performing blood transfusions.

Despite the challenges they faced, the doctors and nurses never lost hope. They worked together to overcome every obstacle, cannulating veins, and administering medication to a baby who was no bigger than the palm of a hand.

The parents, too, were heroes in this fight. They watched anxiously as their child struggled to survive, but they never gave up hopes and relied on the Doctors and nurses.
After six long days on a ventilator, the child’s oxygen levels began to improve. Glimmer of hope flicked in eyes of the doctors and nurses. Hope began to grow in the eyes of his parents, and everyone knew that he was going to make it.

Two months later, the baby was strong enough to go home. He weighed one and three hundred kilograms.  When doctors and Nurses handed over the baby to his parents, they held him close –their eyes were filled with joy and gratitude. The triumph of Life overwhelmed all.

The Neonatal Ward is a place where miracles happen every day. The doctors and nurses who work in this Ward are also heroes. They give everything they have to save and to bloom the tiny warriors. With equal sincerity and dedication, Doctors and Nurses help these warriors and they never lose faith.
 Their work is challenging, but it is also incredibly rewarding.

When the next generation of doctors and nurses arrive, they can see the joy in the eyes of the families – parents of the great tiny warriors – and feel the greatness of the services they rendered to help to bloom a life. (Courtesy: Tripura Times)

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