Organic jam production making rural Women Aatmanirbhar

Jasmine Deb Jamatia


The SHG women of Baniachara Gram Panchayatare producing organic jam with the initiative of Aatmanirbhar Bharat. 

We say that our ancestors lived long because they had chemical free food. Nowadays this chemical free food is called Organic food. Making the apt usage of the sugarcane and pineapples found abundantly in the Mohanbhog block area, women of the self-help groups are now successfully running the business of producing organic jaggery and jam. 



"The SHG women of Baniachara Gram Panchayat of Mohanbhog block under Sepahijala district are producing organic jaggery and the women of Deen Dayal SHG of Mohanbhog R.D Block are producing organic jam with the initiative of Aatmanirbhar Bharat and with the joint assistance of the TRLM and the Mohanbhog R.D Block these products are now being sold to various places," said the BDO of the Mohanbhog R.D Block.

"These products are made maintaining proper hygiene and quality just like home. The sugarcanes are properly washed and peeled then the processing is done," said Mohanbhog block BAC Chairman Basilya Kumar Noatia.

During my visit to the Mohanbhog R.D block the BAC Chairman also shared how it is different from the products found in market. He said that artificial colours and smell are used in the market products to make people buy these products however these organic products are totally chemical free and safe to consume.

Purnima Nandi, a member of Deen Dayal SHG expresses her gratitude to PM Modi and CM Biplab Kumar Deb’s call to become Aatmanirbhar on being asked about how they got inspired for organic pineapple jam venture. They are now selling their products in the state as well as outside the state. The block BDO Narayan Chandra Majumder said, "This initiative has been taken to double the local farmer’s income."


Amrit Das, ICO, ICA department in his recent visit to Mohanbhog block prepared his report on how Mohanbhog farmers are profiting by growing sugarcane and other crops on the fertile soil of Sonamura sub-division.

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To encourage local farmers in sugarcane cultivation and organic jaggery production, Mohanbhog sub-division Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development department will provide assistance to 400 eager sugarcane cultivators in the upcoming season under National Food Security Mission scheme.

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Each farmer will be provided financial help to grow sugarcane in 0.39Acre (1 Kani) land from which organic jaggery will be produced. Not only this, they will also be given a loan of 40 thousand rupees with 0% interest under TRLM to cultivate sugarcane. This will result in the economic growth of the farmers as well as the villages.

Covid-19 situation has taught us many things and one of them is to become self-sufficient and not to rely on others for our needs. The initiative of making organic jaggery and jam is the result of encouragement and awareness among them. This is a great example of becoming truly Aatmanirbhar. We only need to be aware, positive, open minded and innovative.

Source: Directorate of ICA News Bureau